Thursday, March 09, 2006

Privacy On The Internet

San Ramon Readers, Proponents and Opponents, and Extended San Ramon Website Visitors,

We have elected to set some of these blogs up to allow three types of Public Commentary Postings.

  • One, you can set up your own account with
  • Two, you can leave anonymous comments.
  • Three, the option for "Other" in which you can leave your real or ghost writer name.

We have done this to provide anyone that would like to make an intelligent comment to feel free, from a privacy standpoint, to do it any way the person wants.

Privacy on the Internet

It is important to understand that this is a public blog. Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search engines will pick up the information from within all the writings, including the commentaries.

Some have alluded to by name calling, on other San Ramon websites, to the fact that posting anonymously online is somewhat less than a real person. This quote from another San Ramon website says, ".. people will start discussing real problems and issues under their real names."

That type of communications attitude is not taking into the account the online privacy issues on the Internet. We, at San Ramon News, Privacy Blog,, and our other site at understand the online privacy issues and we respect those people that choose to remain private with their real names.

So far, the majority of the conversation on the San Ramon Talk site has shown this Blog to be an excellent forum area for voicing opinions and concerns. We have also had other people from other cities leave intelligent comments that have added insight and additional information into both the Golf Course Rezoning and Eminent Domain. They have shared numerous website URLs with excellent California and National information. We continue to appreciate these outside the city of San Ramon sources and extend a big thank you.

So, Please feel free to comment on any of the postings that allow commentary from the public. We believe that the sharing of public information is both useful and good for the San Ramon Community and other cities will surely find the information useful themselves.

Note: These websites are not meant to take away anything from anyone else. If you don't like the information found here, or if you think the information is out of date; then simply leave. However, the information on these sites are giving the San Ramon community a place to talk about the issues without fear that their name is going to be plastered all over the Internet.

We respect your privacy. You may place your comments on the articles at,,, and the San Ramon Tribune.


San Ramon Community,

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